They say, “Ee sala cup namde, and we got it,” over and over.

After defeating Delhi Capitals by eight wickets on Sunday (March 17), Royal Challengers Bangalore won the WPL trophy in the competition’s second season thanks to an incredible comeback orchestrated by the spinners.

Following the game, the RCB players’ interactions with the official broadcaster were captured on camera.

RCB skipper Smriti Mandhana: The feeling hasn’t yet really set in. It’s difficult for me to express myself. I will say this: I’m proud of the group. We had a great Bangalore leg. We had two hard defeats when we arrived in Delhi. We discussed the need for us to take appropriate action when it is needed. The goal of these competitions is to peak at the ideal moment. We learned a great deal from last year. What worked and what didn’t. The management has told you to grow the team (your way). Bravo to them.

It means a lot more to RCB. The squad as a whole, not just me, is the winner of the trophy. I’m not the right person to discuss my feelings with. This may be in the top five. A World Cup would undoubtedly surpass it. Deliver a message to your most devoted audience, the fans. Ee Sala Cup Namde is a statement that is frequently mentioned. Ee Sala Cup Namdu is on now. Despite the fact that Kannada is not my native language, I felt compelled to say it for the supporters.

Ellyse Perry: To be honest, it’s pretty crazy. We’ve never experienced anything like this before; the support shown to each and every squad has been extraordinary. [Regarding Richa Ghosh] We were cool and felt we had to stay in the game, which made it take longer than it should have. She is amazing, especially considering how young she is. Regarding Molineux She flipped the match over. She had the support of the other spinners. It was a unique performance by Shreyanka, who is such a young player and has the world at her feet. That was fantastic. Goat dancers Sophie [Devine] and Shreyanka will be ruling the stage.

Richa Ghosh: Perry helped me to relax and urged me to take my chances if the ball was available to be hit. I was a little anxious before. Between the Eliminator and the Final, it seemed like a long period, but we had put a lot of effort and preparation into it. With God’s grace, we prevailed. We thought we could reduce the total if we could simply bowl wicket-to-wicket and take a few wickets. You are unable to unwind at all when the target is low in the game.

Sobhana Asha: We have been manifesting it and doing it since the first day of camp. not coming up with many words. Acquired a friend from Australia. I requested the ball be given to me during the last game, and I was satisfied. Luke made us feel quite at ease, which was incredibly beneficial.

Regarding Asha and her being referred to as the “spin twins,” Shreyanka Patil said, “You can call us that; we don’t mind.” We put in a lot of effort at the gym and attended a camp before to the season. We had fantastic team-building activities, theater, and dance, and it was wonderful to get to know everyone. They say “Ee sala cup namde” repeatedly, and we understand. Guys, that’s all; this is for the fans. Every day, we worked hard and succeeded in manifesting our desires and winning the game. We didn’t know Luke well, but we felt like family. Luke cried during our most recent victory over Mumbai, and we are eager to keep doing this. [Asking Luke and Perry to dance] They have to dance; we won’t abandon them.

Ekta Bisht: When asked what record would be broken this season in an interview at the beginning of the competition, I predicted that RCB would win. We felt great about the unit as a whole and played well in the eliminator, which gave us a lot of confidence going into the final.

Georgia Wareham: Soph [Molineux] did an amazing job, and even today, she affected the game; we were going to chase 200, but she changed the way Smriti was going at it. The way players like Shreyanka and Asha have developed with each game has been incredible. Her confidence is admirable and something to aspire to.

Sophie Devine: While it’s still not perfect, it got the job done, and the entire group is excited about it. It was assembling the parts that we had from the previous year. Excellent work on the part of the management. Smriti was excellent; she was composed and picked everything up quickly. And it’s just fantastic to have Ellyse Perry on your squad. It’s great to see so many people there and to encourage them in their support of RCB. As the men’s team has demonstrated, we have the greatest supporters on the planet. I’m thrilled to win the trophy in front of these supporters.

Renuka Singh Thakur:
This gives me the chills. It’s our first prize, and I know the fans are thrilled. We had the full backing of the RCB supporters the entire time, and there was great team camaraderie. We didn’t want to put too much strain on ourselves; we just wanted to play basic cricket. They scored a lot of runs in the batting PP, but we told ourselves we only needed one wicket to tie the game. We didn’t have any targets in mind.

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