Mayank Yadav says, “My goal is to play for India as much as possible,” following back-to-back performances that won matches.

After a brilliant performance against RCB, where he won his second consecutive Player of the Match award, Yadav is still determined to earn an India cap.

Mayank Yadav—the lightning-quick fast bowler for the Lucknow Super Giants (LSG)—continues to amaze with his explosive pace and persistent resolve in the IPL 2024. After winning Player of the Match for the second time in a row against Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) thanks to an outstanding performance, Yadav is still committed to achieving both individual and team success.

Yadav highlighted his dedication to team success over individual recognition by emphasising that, although receiving two Player of the Match awards is gratifying, the team’s triumphs are what really matter. Yadav stated that he aspires to represent India internationally and that he is only starting his path, with his ultimate aim clearly in sight.

Yadav highlighted his favourite wicket in the last match against RCB, highlighting the difficult demands of bowling at blazing speeds. Yadav recalled this as his best moment. He emphasised the need of leading a disciplined lifestyle that includes rest, diet, and training in order to become a proficient fast bowler.

“Winning two POTM trophies makes me feel great, but I’m more pleased that we won both games. My goal is to play as much as I can for India. I believe this is just the beginning, and I am concentrating on achieving my major objective. [Your best-ever wicket?] Green’s Cameron. I believe a number of factors are crucial to bowling at this pace. sleep, exercise, and diet. Being fast at bowling requires perfection in many areas. As a result, I’m concentrating a lot on my diet and recuperation right now,” Mayank Yadav stated following his Man of the Match victory over RCB, as cited by India Today.

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Spectators were enthralled by Yadav’s blistering display versus RCB as he repeatedly reached speeds of above 150 kmph, with an incredible high of 156.7. The top order of the RCB was unable to withstand his unrelenting speed, as both openers and important middle-order batsmen fell victim to his assault.

Although the RCB batsmen put up a fight, Yadav’s ability to maintain pressure and take vital wickets at critical junctures was essential to LSG’s convincing victory. Yadav proved to be a fearsome presence, scoring 16 dot balls and posting figures of three for 14, which were crucial in guaranteeing Lucknow’s victory.

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