“The Final Piece: Beaumont’s Joy in Completing the Century Set”

Tammy Beaumont had forgotten what she did as she made her way back to the England changing area at Trent Bridge. She wasn’t even aware that she was only the second woman in women’s cricket history to score 100 runs in each version of the game until Heather Knight welcomed her to the select club. Being successful in an Ashes Test was one thing. But doing so with England for in the day’s penultimate over was remarkably pleasing.

As I arrived at the changing area, Heather greeted me, but I didn’t think she meant the one of “all three forms”; I thought she meant an Ashes hundred or something, added Beaumont. It’s always essential to take stock of one’s own accomplishments. It feels nice to cross that one off the list because I was afraid that as I met with the second half of my career, I could forget about it.

But how tomorrow states, and hopefully how the squad does, is all that matters to me.

Beaumont’s unbeaten century saw England reach 218/2 at Stumps, a big improvement but still far short of Australia’s 473 total. As Beaumont retains one of the eight remaining wickets, England is still very much in the game. Beaumont said, “Actually, I think it’s rather balanced.

While we are still far behind, the fact that we have only lost two wickets. And that the surface is still mostly level gives me faith that anyone will catch up on day three.

The team is in great shape advancing into tomorrow thanks to [scoring 100 points]. There were times when I wondered if I would have the strength to face enough opponents tonight to win. The basic goal and what matters most is to bat tomorrow.

Beaumont was one of two centurions on the follow-up day of this Women’s Ashes Test. Annabel Sutherland, batting at No. 8, generated an incredible 137* at a strike rate of over 75, giving the total substantial weight after England seemed to have recovered beautifully on Thursday. Despite the fact that Australia remained in the lead. Sutherland stressed the need for them to capitalise and up any opportunities presented to them.

It was a reference to every rationale that the visitors offered Beaumont as she got close to turning 100. Australia had the choice not to raise the catch call . When Phoebe Litchfield lost the England batter at slip with her on four and she was 61.

Despite the fact that we gave up seven or eight possibilities, Sutherland observed that Nat and Tammy Sciver hit instead effectively. We currently enjoy a 260 [255] point over the opposition, therefore I think we are still far ahead. When the game starts tomorrow morning, we’ll be in a great spot to take those chances. And perhaps we can make some progress on the field.

“There’s still three days to go and lots of time in the game.”

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