BCB warns Tanzim Sakib for misogynistic Facebook posts

Tanzim Sakib was issued a warning and asked not to post anything on social media that may endanger the general public, according to a statement from the Bangladesh Cricket Board on Tuesday.

Tanzim made an outstanding debut against India in the recently concluded Asia Cup game. However, he unexpectedly found himself at the centre of a crisis when his misogynistic social media posts degrading working women appeared.

In his brief senior career, Tanzim played in 12 first-class matches, but after making a post in 2020 that profoundly offended the public and raised questions about his religious beliefs, he suddenly found himself in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. Tanzim has just assisted Bangladesh in winning the Under-19 World Cup.

“The rights of the husband are not protected if a woman works. The rights of the child are not guaranteed if the wife works. Last year, Tanzim asserted on Facebook that the wife’s elegance will be ruined if she works.

In another post, Tanzim asserted that spouses who marry “a woman who is accustomed to free mixing with her male friends in a university” will not give their sons a “modest” mother. Soon after he had an impressive start against India, both of these posts gained popularity.

A BCB representative claims that they were informed about Tanzim’s most recent development and had a conversation with him about it. He asserted that they are merely giving him a warning given the impending World Cup and that if he is found guilty of the same offence again in the future, he won’t be given a pass.

Jalal Yunus, the chairman of the BCB Cricket Operations, said, “We held a meeting with Tanzim Sakib and wanted to know about the Facebook post,” at the Sher-e-Bangla National Stadium on Tuesday. Even though he stated that he simply posted it for his personal gain and had no intention of offending anyone, he apologised anyway, even if it did cause offence.

He denied the widespread perception that he hates women by stating that since his mother is a woman, how could he? He continued by saying he took full ownership of anything involving women.

“He apologised, he said. He agreed to desist from publishing similar things in the future after listening to our legal counsel.

“We’ll keep a close eye on him and pay special attention to what kind of mindset he has. His family is appalled and wasn’t expecting this kind of situation. He is a little child, and the World Cup is approaching. We have warned him, but we will still take legal action against him if he acts in this way again.

Jalal claimed that all of the posts had been deleted, and he added that BCB would be pleased to provide him with counselling if required.

“Since he erased his article and made all of his remarks on his own (without any outside assistance), we are urging that we pay closer attention to him. He expressed regret, and we will speak with him about it. If he has any problems, we will be here to assist him. We will also give him the assistance he needs for any (psychological) issues, Jalal said.

“We think these problems won’t come up again. He promised to move cautiously and apologised for his actions after we explained their contract and the standards for national team players’ attitudes.


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