Shadab Khan optimistic of reviving form at the World Cup

While acknowledging a recent downturn in his bowling performance, Pakistan’s all-around player Shadab Khan was eager to emphasise that he still has the skills to reverse the trend. In 11 one-day internationals, Pakistan’s vice captain has taken 13 wickets.

Shadab stated, “I do acknowledge that my current shape isn’t great, but I have the skill,” at a news conference in Hyderabad.Your skills are fantastic, but the one drawback is that your attitude could become a little down when you’re not performing. I felt better after a break, and I’m now hopeful that we’ll do well at the 2018 World Cup.

Four of the 13 wickets taken this year came in the Asia Cup matchup versus Nepal. He didn’t play particularly well in the competition, though.

We got some rest after the Asia Cup. Shadab said, “In my view, the World Cup is more of a mental game than a skill game.” The Asia Cup wasn’t a success from a cricketing standpoint, but that’s the fun of the game: you can always become better and learn from your mistakes. When your mind is at ease, you can make sensible decisions, he said.

Shadab, who believes in his own ability to recover, also extended Fakhar Zaman his support. Fakhar Zaman, who has also had difficulties scoring runs, was not given the opportunity to bat on October 29 in Hyderabad against New Zealand in the opening exhibition game.

“The squad succeeds whenever he performs well. He is an essential member of our team. Every team needs players of this calibre on its roster because his three centuries this year have all resulted in victories. We have no qualms about his potential because he is a player of the highest calibre, said Shadab.

The first two matches for Pakistan are played in Hyderabad, and the following seven matches are played, among other cities, in Bengaluru, Kolkata, Chennai, and Ahmedabad during the league stage. Shadab believes that in addition to regularly monitoring fitness levels, his team—and maybe the majority of the other title contenders—will need to quickly adapt to different places across the country. One of Pakistan’s best bowlers, Naseem Shah, had previously departed the nation due to a shoulder issue.

We’ll be playing at a number of different locations, so the conditions can change. We’ll need to swiftly modify our level of fitness given the number of fast bowlers who sustained injuries at the Asia Cup. We lost a key player and don’t want to have to worry about fitness again, therefore we don’t want to be one of the teams that is.

Shadab thought that the fate of the championship game will rely on which team bowled the best two days after New Zealand easily defeated Pakistan’s 345/5 in the warm-up game in just the 44th over.

“In my opinion, the team with the best bowling performance will win the World Cup. It would be difficult to restrict the batsmen and take wickets due to the flat grounds and small boundaries. We have skilled bowlers, so I predict the winning squad will be the one who bowls the best. He claimed that if our team bowls well, we will succeed.

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