Babar Azam hopes Pakistan fans can attend World Cup in India

Babar Azam, the captain of the Pakistani squad, expressed his amazement at the kind reception given to his team in India. BabarĀ  azam announced that he had changed his mind upon their arrival in Hyderabad, where they have already played two exhibition games and would soon begin their tournament schedule.

To be honest, we also heard that, he said. Will the welcome seem intimidating?However, the warmth and welcome we received from the airport to the hotel, as well as during the final game we played there, made us feel really satisfied from the moment we landed in Hyderabad.

After Pakistan arrived in India, there was a great deal of disagreement over visas, some of which has been settled with the arrival of journalists. Even if it is still feasible but questionable, Babar intended for his supporters to breach the border.

It would be much better if our fans were present. I hope we receive that type of support at every game and venue because I’m enthusiastic about it,” he said.
Even before Pakistan and India’s match in Ahmedabad, which is anticipated to draw a record crowd to the tournament, the captain of India sounded upbeat in his message to the other captains at the media event held on tournament eve.

Every leader here wants to do something truly, genuinely amazing for their country because of a prized commodity. Every player in this room has undoubtedly fantasised about competing in the 50-over World Cup at some point. I have no doubt that everyone will be aware of the event’s great success here. Due to the nation’s love of cricket, the stadiums will be packed. Rohit Sharma asserts that because they are so devoted to their team and the game of cricket, the event will undoubtedly be spectacular.

The value and organisation of the ODI World Cup have frequently been questioned, but Rohit and New Zealand captain Kane Williamson were firm in their support for the competition.

The World Test Championship and the T20 World Cup are two important events that occur every four years. Williamson continued, “But I still think the ODI World Cup is one of the best tournaments we can play in the world, and I suppose everyone else in the room feels the same way,” alluding to Rohit’s performance, which lived up to Indian fans’ expectations.

It’s remarkable how enthusiastic everyone is. Everywhere we went in India, the World Cup was the main topic of talk before we even started playing these exhibition games a month ago. India is a country where people frequently exhibit their fervent joy whenever a big event occurs. I am not surprised by the general public’s excitement because cricket is the most popular sport in India. It impacts the whole country, not just a portion of it. The World Cup is a huge topic of conversation everywhere we go. Its return to India after a 12-year absence, in Rohit’s opinion, provides Indians even more cause for celebration.

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