Umpiring controversy

Nigar and Harmanpreet argue that the dispute around umpiring is history.

Bangladesh’s captain, Nigar Sultana, stated that his team is not dwelling on the past as they get ready to play India in a five-match Twenty20 International series that starts on April 28 at the Sylhet International Cricket Stadium.

India captain Harmanpreet Kaur was suspended for two matches in the 2023 ODI series against her opponent following an incident with the umpire in the last game over subpar umpiring.

After being ruled out leg-before, Harmanpreet broke the stumps with her bat and got into a furious argument with umpire Tanveer Ahmed. She attacked the game’s officiating later at the presentation ceremony.

Given the growing antagonism between the two teams, the Bangladesh Cricket Board made the decision to exclude Tanveer from the forthcoming series, going above and above to ensure that there would be no space for dispute.

“First of all, let me say that I am unaware of the rivalry you are discussing. However, whatever did occur did so. At the Sylhet International Cricket Stadium, Nigar told reporters, “We are not sitting on it. “It’s encouraging to know that they think our team has grown. That implies they are not treating us kindly,” the woman remarked.

India has a strong squad, so for now, I see this as a chance. They arrived prepared, and this team will essentially play in the World Cup. It’s a helpful get-ready for both of us and them,” she remarked.

“We don’t have noteworthy achievement in Sylhet but we have memories of playing good cricket here and keeping that by side we will try and hope to start well tomorrow,” she stated.

Nigar claimed that they are not having trouble sleeping due to the heat and added that they have the bowling attack to stop them if they manage to score 150 runs or more.

“The weather is beyond our control, and we must play regardless. When we start playing at 4:00 pm, the temperature will progressively drop. We can probably play a little more comfortably now,” she remarked.

“It will be challenging to chase if we can score 140–150 runs, but in T20, no run is safe. If we can score between 140 and 150 runs, it will be easier to defend in the WPL even when large runs are being chased,” the woman stated.

Indian captain Harmanpreet said that the controversy from the previous series is history and that they are looking to use this series as a chance to start over in order to get ready for the upcoming T20 World Cup, which Bangladesh is set to host in September and October.

“Well those things (controversy in last series) are gone now and its new venue and new series and we are prepared for that and want to play good cricket,” stated Harmanpreet. Naturally, it’s good to be back in Bangladesh since we have the T20 World Cup here this year, which is a fantastic opportunity for us to play and acclimatise to the conditions. Every time we play in Bangladesh, we always aim to perform well,” she remarked.

“Usually grounds are bit heavy and wickets are bit low and slow and that was only the reason we want to play before the World Cup and we can adjust ourselves according to the situations,” she stated.

The Sylhet International Cricket Stadium will host all five of the series’ games, which will begin at 4:00 p.m. (BST). The remaining four games are scheduled for April 30, May 2, May 6, and May 9, in that order.