Is Ponting only there to take a seat? – Atul Wassan challenges the IPL’s use of foreign coaches

“They [franchises] are giving a lot of money to the foreign coaches, so what use they are being here in IPL?” Wassan enquired.

Atul Wassan, a former Indian cricket player, has criticized the growing practice of IPL teams employing foreign coaches. Wassan became a well-known cricket pundit after retiring from playing, having represented India in four Tests and nine ODIs prior to his career being cut short by injuries.

Meanwhile, the discussion about the merits of high-profile foreign coaches has begun as a result of certain IPL clubs’ dismal performances this season. The Delhi Capitals, who have hired Australian veteran Ricky Ponting as head coach in spite of the team’s lackluster performance over 16 IPL seasons, are one team that is feeling the heat.

In response to a question concerning Delhi’s coaching staff, Wassan was blunt. “What Ricky Ponting is doing in the dugout—is he there only to sit—is unfair to Delhi. “What use are the foreign coaches here in the IPL when they are getting paid so much money?” he asked India News.

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What part do they play? Atul Wassan

He continued by challenging the functions of foreign specialists employed by franchises. “Aside from that, no one is discussing the role of the foreign experts they recruit into their system. Are you attempting to appear more formidable in the dugout than your opponents are on the field by doing this? DC has only made it to the final once in the 16-year IPL history, in 2020,” he continued.

Rajkumar Sharma, the former coach of prominent Indian batsman Virat Kohli, endorsed Wassan’s opinions by saying, “I agree with Atul, the IPL teams like to hire foreign coaches, but what are they getting out of all this.”

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The only time the Capitals have made it to the finals under Ponting’s coaching tenure was in the 2020 tournament, where they were defeated by the Mumbai Indians. DC defeated Chennai Super Kings by 20 runs to record their first win of the 2024 season.

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