IPL 2024 playoffs race

IPL 2024 Playoffs Race: Which scenario is best for RCB and GT?

On one side of a slope, RCB and GT are situated. With three straight victories, the former are rising, while the latter have dropped as many games in a row. A fortnight ago, the situation was different. After eight games, GT was positioned in the center of the points table with four wins and as many losses, while RCB was at the bottom with just one win from the same amount of games. After a lengthy reign, RCB emerged victorious from the bottom position, and GT now sit just one spot above MI, the new bottom-dwellers.

With eight points from 11 games apiece, both clubs are currently in the same position, although having arrived there by separate paths and with much different NRRs (RCB’s improved to -0.049, while GT’s is at -1.320). Both are limited to 14 points, and in order for them to qualify, a number of other outcomes would need to go their way. Nevertheless, RCB has no further games against the top four clubs, while Titans have three games left against teams in the top half of the standings.

What conditions are ideal for RCB and GT?

  • To reach 14 points, win the final three games.
  • RR and KKR play the remaining games to increase their combined point total to 16 or more.
  • The winner of the May 8 match between SRH and LSG advances to at least 16 and wins all of their remaining ties.
  • The team that loses the SRH vs. LSG match should have dropped their previous three games and be left with 12 points.
  • The remaining four clubs, who are presently outside the top four, shouldn’t score more than 12 points.

The team with 14 points among RCB and GT advances as the fourth qualifying side, while RR, KKR, and the winner of the SRH vs. LSG match qualify as the top three.

What’s on the line for May 5?

In the charming city of Dharamsala, PBKS takes on CSK, while in Lucknow, LSG faces off against KKR. If PBKS loses, they’ll be in the same situation as GT and RCB, but the other three teams will still essentially control their own destiny regardless of Sunday’s outcomes.