Abhishek Sharma

In six months, Abhishek Sharma will be prepared to travel to India: Singh Yuvraj

One of the most notable players in IPL 2024 has been Abhishek Sharma, who has drawn a lot of notice with both his remarkable strike rate and his ability to hit six balls. With 288 runs in eight games, the 23-year-old is now the second best scorer for Sunrisers Hyderabad and is a strong candidate for rising player of the season. But Yuvraj Singh, who has worked closely with him, believes the young Punjabi left-hander needs to develop a bit more before he’s considered fit for an international roster.

The Indian white ball superstar told Cricbuzz, “Abhishek is almost there but I don’t think he is ready for the World Cup right now.” His remarks before the June US and West Indies World Cup team selection for India.

“We must field an experienced team in the World Cup. Of course, a few men have represented India. He should be ready to represent India in the World Cup. That’s what he ought to concentrate on. The next six months will be crucial for Abhishek, according to Yuvraj.

Abhishek’s ability to stroke the ball effectively and sustain a healthy strike rate (218.18) impressed Yuvraj. But according to the former Indian cricket player, Abhishek needs to score a few significant runs before he can really leave his mark. “There’s no denying that he performed better. Despite having an incredible strike rate, he hasn’t scored many big runs. If you want to contend for a slot to play for India, you need to score well with this kind of strike rate. Excellent strike rates are necessary, but you also need to receive a few serious blows before you can be considered a valuable addition to the Indian team.”

In his eight games, Abhishek has struck more sixes than fours (26: 21). Although he has made some spectacular smashes over long-on and mid-wicket, Yuvraj wants him to learn how to play out a good bowler and perfect the art of strike rotation. “I think he needs to learn how to accept singles and rotate strikes. He can play big shots, and the big sixes he has been hitting are extremely nice. He needs to learn to target other bowlers and play out the bowlers who are bowling well. I believe that component requires attention,” Yuvraj remarked.

A lot of time has been spent by Yuvraj on Abhishek’s batting, especially his technique. The young player had experienced difficulties with short balls, so they decided to take care of the issue. Yuvraj wanted Abhishek to have the courage to face short balls head-on. Yuvraj’s slogan for young players hoping to make the switch from domestic to international cricket has been, “I can play bowlers in international cricket.”

Travis Head, the Australian sensation who opened for SRH, is a fantastic teacher for Abhishek, according to Yuvraj, especially when it comes to knowing how to turn strong starts into massive knocks. “Travis Head is undoubtedly giving him a lot of confidence. Travis is now a top-tier player. He is a big match player; in the World Cup final, he scored a hundred. Abhishek gets the chance to discover how to turn a strong beginning into a major setback. He needs to learn that from him.