ICC Moves 2024 U-19 Cricket World Cup to South Africa


In a huge improvement for cricket devotees all over the planet, the Global Cricket Board (ICC) has chosen to move the 2024 U-19 Cricket World Cup to South Africa. The choice comes as a feature of the ICC’s continuous endeavors to advance the worldwide development of the game and give youthful, capable cricketers with a stage to exhibit their abilities on a global stage.

Explanations for the Move

The choice to move the U-19 Cricket World Cup to South Africa isn’t erratic; rather, it originates from cautious thought of different elements. South Africa has a rich cricketing history and has effectively facilitated significant cricket occasions before, including the ICC Cricket World Cup. The nation flaunts elite offices, an enthusiastic cricketing local area, and a favorable climate for the improvement of youthful ability.

Moreover, the transition to South Africa lines up with the ICC’s obligation to spreading the game to various districts and guaranteeing that cricket arrives at new levels across the globe. By facilitating the U-19 World Cup in South Africa, the ICC means to take advantage of the nation’s cricketing foundation and make a vital encounter for the two players and fans.

Influence on South African Cricket

The choice is a huge lift for South African cricket, offering the country an open door to grandstand its cricketing ability and friendliness on a worldwide stage. The occasion is supposed to draw in cricket devotees from all sides of the world, giving a significant monetary lift and improving the country’s standing as a head cricketing objective.

South Africa’s cricketing framework, which incorporates cutting edge arenas and preparing offices, will be effectively utilized during the competition. The openness acquired from facilitating such a renowned occasion can likewise prompt expanded interest and cooperation in cricket at the grassroots level, encouraging the development of the game inside the country.

Start: January 14 and February 15

Worldwide Effect

Moving the U-19 Cricket World Cup to South Africa isn’t just gainful for the host country yet additionally emphatically affects the worldwide cricketing local area. The choice mirrors the ICC’s obligation to making cricket a genuinely worldwide game by giving different countries chances to have significant occasions. This variety helps in widening the ability pool and advancing social trade inside the cricketing organization.

The transition to South Africa could likewise draw in a more different crowd and add to the globalization of cricket. As the competition unfurls in another area, fans from various regions of the planet will actually want to observe the abilities and enthusiasm of the up and coming age of cricketing stars.


The ICC’s choice to move the 2024 U-19 Cricket World Cup to South Africa is a positive step towards extending the scope of the game and setting out open doors for youthful cricketers around the world. South Africa’s rich cricketing legacy, joined with its a-list offices, makes it an optimal host for this renowned occasion. As cricket devotees anxiously anticipate the competition, the worldwide cricketing local area anticipates seeing the rise of future stars on the energetic fields of South Africa.

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