England bank on Stokes factor to revive WC campaign

England bank on Stokes factor to revive WC campaign

This World Cup, England’s performance has been dreadful. They appear to be a shadow of the 2019 World Cup winning squad after dropping their last two games. Their perception of invincibility and credibility have been tarnished by losses to Afghanistan and New Zealand. Ben Stokes is expected to return to the starting lineup for England’s match against South Africa in Mumbai on Saturday, October 21, which might provide the side with the momentum they need to turn around a disappointing campaign.

After missing the first three games, Stokes—who is regarded as the best all-around player in the world—is back in the game. Though it is expected that he will only bat and not bowl, the Jos Buttler-led team is extremely lucky to have him at this particular moment. Even England’s opponents view Stokes as the X-factor that the team needs to win the title at this stage.

“When Ben Stokes is well, I believe he is a huge asset to the England team. He competes on X-Factor. It is up to him to alter the outcome of the contest. He’s been discussed during our planning. We know that in order to rescue him, we have to give it everything we’ve got. We sincerely appreciate Ben Stokes. The captain of South Africa, Temba Bavuma, declared, “We’ll do all within our power to prepare for him. We know that he is capable.”

The England-South Africa game is regarded as one of the few potential knockout matchups for the final four positions, with New Zealand and India competing for two of the four spaces. The England captain is overjoyed to have his best player overall for this crucial game.

According to Buttler, “He adds a lot of value.” I believe I have some choices when it comes to selecting my squad. Depending on the location, it could be challenging to strike the ideal balance, so this has been a fantastic opportunity to observe the wicket and gain some additional knowledge.But Ben seemed to have trained rather well the previous evening. His return is a beautiful thing. Because of his presence, consistency, and leadership abilities, he is an essential member of the team.”

The World Cup’s poor attendance for matches other than India’s stands out as one of its most prominent features. The main concern before the England vs. South Africa game is whether or not Wankhede Stadium would be packed. The fact that both teams are coming off such devastating losses to underdogs—South Africa to the Netherlands and England to Afghanistan—makes this issue even more important. “Why not?” Bavuma wonders himself. “If I was a fan, I’d definitely want to come and watch,” he states. Still, the organisers are hoping for a packed house.

I sincerely hope so. I think I would want to witness South Africa play England if I were a cricket fan. In my opinion, this game will feature fierce rivalry. This rivalry seems like it will be exciting. Permit me to offer my perspective: I think both sides will try to prove how valuable they are. In reference to Mumbai’s World Cup debut, Bavuma states, “There will be people in both camps who want to put their hand up for the team.”