Sanju Samson's controversial catch

The match’s momentum was changed by Sanju Samson’s contentious catch: Ojha Pragyan

“The debate has been if Hope’s leg touched the rope or if it was a shadow,” Ojha remarked.

The Rajasthan Royals (RR) were defeated by the Delhi Capitals (DC) by 20 runs on Tuesday at the Arun Jaitley Stadium in New Delhi, to win their sixth match of the 2024 Indian Premier League. After limiting the Royals to 201 runs when batting first, the Capitals scored 221 runs. Parthiv Patel and Pragyan Ojha, two JioCinema IPL gurus, complimented Jake Fraser-McGurk (50 runs), Abishek Porel (65 runs), and Sanju Samson (86 runs) for their performances on Match Centre Live.

Regarding Sanju Samson’s contentious dismissal, Pragyan Ojha said, “We have to remember that it was the wicket of an important player and also realise that we have the technology to take more time and get a proper look at it.” This was crucial because the wicket that fell changed the game’s momentum. If Hope’s leg actually touched the rope or if it was just a shadow has been up for debate. Perhaps they would have gained more clarity if you had taken the time to look at it and consider it. Based on the questions he was posing, even Sanju saw the match was in danger. Perhaps tonight, his team’s name would have had a Q if he had continued to play.”

Regarding Abishek Porel, Ojha said, “We discovered how brilliantly Porel has been playing after McGurk was removed. He was playing in the shadow of the veteran. It was encouraging to see how he was taking up the ball, playing the strokes, and displaying clarity. Because of their confidence in him, they allowed him to speak when Prithvi Shaw was the opener. He seized the opportunity they presented to him. It was extraordinary. His batting was quite clear, which was the nicest thing about this. It was impressive to observe how well he assessed the situation, where to strike the balls and where to lay the pitch.”

Regarding Jake Fraser-McGurk, Parthiv Patel said, “He doesn’t come in and start swinging for no reason.” Although he may have begun in that manner, we witnessed him change. With the ball swinging, he had to shift to hitting Trent Boult’s deliveries towards the off side or long on instead of the leg side, mid-wicket, or square-leg. He made the most of Avesh Khan’s bowling and applied pressure. His lack of defence will be criticised by many, but his insanity has a purpose. You have to commend him for his consistency because he has been hitting sixes and scoring runs on a regular basis.