T20 World Cup

T20 World Cup: Match can be extended by four hours; no reserve day for the second semifinal

To guarantee the match concludes that day, the International Cricket Council (ICC) and Cricket West Indies (CWI) have granted an extra 250 minutes for the second semifinal of the Twenty20 World Cup. But there won’t be a receiving day.

It was stated to this website that a plan has been formed to conclude the match on the same day, in response to a Cricbuzz report that said the victor of the second semifinal may play the final the very next day. The game has been extended by four hours in order to spare the team from having to play, travel, and then play again on the same day.

To be clearer, the first semifinal will take place in Trinidad on June 26 and will begin at 8.30 p.m. local time (6 a.m. India time the following day). If there is rain in Trinidad on the scheduled day of the game, June 27 will be the new date if it goes ahead.

But there are a few subtle differences in the playing conditions for the second semifinal in Guyana. On June 27, the match is set to begin at 10.30 AM local time (8.30 PM India time), and it must be completed that same day. The umpires will have to wait for around eight hours to conclude the Twenty20 contest because the ICC has granted an additional 250 minutes for the match. The final is scheduled for June 29. The travel day is scheduled for June 28.

“There is an equal chance for all four teams to win a game. Because the first semi-final starts in the evening and the second semi-final starts at 10.30 AM, it is not possible to pay for all of the additional time on the same day. This decision was made for performance reasons, to ensure teams do not have to ‘play, travel, play’ on consecutive days. Additionally, it guarantees that spectators in the stadium will have the best opportunity of witnessing the outcome on game day, an insider source told this publication.

India is scheduled to play in Guyana in the second semifinal, according to this website.

And lastly, the most crucial point. Who will win the match if there is an unusual scenario of rain in Guyana for the entire day? The team that finishes higher in the Super Eight stage advances based on the playing circumstances.

Conditions for Reserve Day Playing

13.6.1 Each team will play one innings in all matches, with a maximum of 20 overs in each innings. Every match will last the whole scheduled day, unless competing nations in a series agree to set aside a reserve day on which any unfinished business can be replayed or carried over from the original day.

13.6.2 If the match needs to be continued on the reserve day, every attempt will be made to finish it on the scheduled day, with any necessary over reductions occurring. The match will only be finished on the reserve day if the minimum number of overs required to complete a match cannot be bowled on the scheduled day.

13.6.3 The match will resume on the reserve day with the same presumption that the final ball was played on the scheduled day if it began on the scheduled day and overs are later decreased after an interruption, but no more play is feasible.

Rule of tie-break

Section 16.10.7 of the terms of play:

a) Should there be a tie in the Semi-Final, the teams will play a Super Over to decide who advances to the Final. Please refer to Appendix F and clause

b) The team that placed first in its Second Round Group advances to the Final if, after a draw, bad weather prevents the Super Over from being played, the match is called off, or there is no outcome.