Navjot Singh Sidhu

“It was quite evident,” Navjot Singh Sidhu comments on Sanju Samson’s contentious termination from DC

The decision to fire Sanju Samson was what altered the course of the match. Though there can be disagreements, if you examine things from a side-on perspective, Sidhu stated.

There was controversy over the most recent IPL (Indian Premier League) 2024 match between the Delhi Capitals and Rajasthan Royals. In the 56th encounter of the tournament on Tuesday, May 7, both teams faced off in Delhi’s Arun Jaitley Stadium.

RR appeared to be in for a big one during the run chase after DC scored 221 runs in the opening innings thanks to a fantastic performance from captain Sanju Samson. With 86 runs in 46 deliveries, Samson was trying to get his team to the end of the match.

Shai Hope made a fantastic catch at the boundary line as Samson played a lofted shot towards long off, but many people appeared to believe that Hope’s feet touched the rope, indicating that the score was a six. Samson was eventually declared the winner, though, following arguments with the third umpire, which did not sit well with the RR camp.

Navjot Singh Sidhu, a former cricket player from India, also spoke out against the occasion. Hope’s feet, according to the former Indian batter, touched the boundary rope, proving that Samson was still in the game.

The decision to fire Sanju Samson was what altered the course of the match. Though there can be disagreements, from a side-on perspective, it touches the boundary twice. It was rather evident. Sidhu stated to Star Sports, “You either don’t use technology at all, or if you do and it makes a mistake, it’s like there’s a fly in the milk and someone asks you to drink it.

Sidhu altered the course of the game.

Sidhu also cited the dismissal of ace batsman Virat Kohli of the Royal Combination versus Kolkata Knight Riders, who was sent off what appeared to be a no-ball delivery. While he did believe that everyone plays the game and that nobody is at fault, Samson’s dismissal did alter the course of the match.

“That’s the reason I also kept bringing up Kohli’s dismissal against KKR, which sparked debate over a possible no-ball.” Whatever the rule, it is visible to the unaided eye, and there is substantial evidence to refute it. Comparable like discovering a fish in a glass of milk. Nobody is at blame; the umpire did not intentionally do it. That’s how the game works. Sidhu continued, “That altered the game.