IPL2024: A 63-year-old CSK supporter is fatally beaten for applauding on Rohit Sharma’s catch

On the evening of Wednesday, March 27, the tragedy happened at Hanmantwadi in the Karveer taluka of the Kolhapur district.

Indian Premier League 2024 has attracted a fan base unlike anything seen before. Whether it’s teasing Hardik Pandya on the field or making fun of one another on social media, fans have explored every avenue to the point of fandom extremism. However, a shocking incident from Kolhapur’s Hanmantwadi Area has left everyone stunned—a person has died as a result of the fan battle.

The 63-year-old, who was from Bandupant Tibile, passed away from wounds sustained in a brawl during an IPL play. When the victim, a Chennai Super Kings supporter, showed excitement over Rohit Sharma’s wicket during the Mumbai Indians’ recent match against Sunrisers Hyderabad, the fans attacked him with a stick, seriously injuring him. The event happened on Wednesday night in Hanmantwadi in the Karveer Taluka of the Kolhapur district.

Fan conflicts need never to take this terrible turn: Ashwin Ravi
Supporters of Pandya and Rohit have escalated the conflict to entirely new heights. After Pandya was moved to MI, the GT fans held signs labeling him unfaithful, and he was jeered as he walked into Wankhede Stadium for the toss. Indian spinner Ravichandran Ashwin criticized the actions, urged nuance in the communications, and emphasized that Pandya remains, at the end of the day, a member of the national cricket team.

“Fan fights ought never to take such a gruesome turn. It is important to keep in mind that these athletes represent our nation. What, therefore, justifies jeering at a cricket player? I’m not sure I get it. Why should a team publicly clarify if fans boo a player because they don’t like them? There is a strong cinema culture here, and this is cricket. I am aware of concepts like branding, positioning, and marketing. All of that is something I agree with. Though it’s not improper to partake in any of these, I don’t believe in it all,” Ashwin stated on his YouTube channel.

Sachin Tendulkar coached Sourav Ganguly, and vice versa. Both of these have competed while being captained by Rahul Dravid. All three of these have experienced playing under Anil Kumble and under Dhoni. These players were cricket jambhavans (veterans) when they were coached by Dhoni. He said, “Dhoni also played for Virat (Kohli).

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