IPL 2023:7 Popular Questions about the Final’s Reserve Day

The highly anticipated IPL 2023 championship game between Chennai Super Kings and Gujarat Titans had to be moved to the reserve day on Sunday (May 28) because of the persistent rain in Ahmedabad. The tournament’s most famous victory in its 16-year history came as a result of this unique episode. It’s important to become familiar with the playing conditions because Monday night may experience additional rain. Let’s start with all the crucial information you need to be aware of.

1.Do you know what time the final will start on the reserve day? 

So, the much awaited final is set to begin at 19:30 IST on your calendars. Remember to throw the ball as well! If the weather and other factors allow, it will take place at 19:00 IST, only 30 minutes before the start. If everything goes as planned, the 20-over game will be thrilling. Prepare yourself for some exhilarating cricket action!

2.How much time will they need to ensure that we obtain a result on the reserve day?

In IPL 2023 When breaks and time-outs are taken into account, an average IPL game is typically scheduled to last 3 hours and 20 minutes. The exciting aspect, though, is that they added an extra two hours to play on reserve day! They have a fantastic opportunity to make sure that we can draw a conclusion from this. Let’s hope for a spectacular game-ending with those extra hours!

3.When is it acceptable to begin play as soon as feasible without reducing the number of overs? 

The deadline is now at 21:40 IST. The number of overs will not be lowered if the game starts before that time. Keep in mind that this includes the standard time-outs and a 10-minute break. Overs will start to decrease if the wait is longer than that. So that both teams still have an equal chance to bat for at least five overs, don’t worry; they’ll manage it fairly. So let’s hope for a quick start and an exciting game to come!

4.What’s the latest start time for a five-overs game?

A five-overs-per-side match is anticipated to end at 00:50 IST and can start no later than 23:56 IST (10 minute interval, no timeouts).

If the game starts on time, the first innings of 20 overs is completed, but rain prevents play after five overs of the second innings, the Duckworth/Lewis/Stern method will be used to determine the winner.

5.What if it is impossible to play even a five-overs-per-side game before the end of extra time?

If the situation permits, the teams will play a Super Over to determine the winner.

6.What time is the latest Super Over-only competition scheduled to begin?

At 00:50 IST, or as soon as the field and pitch are ready for use, the Super Over will begin.

7.What if a single-victory shootout isn’t even possible?

The team that finished higher in the league stages, in this case Gujarat Titans, would be declared the champion if it were not even possible to play and finish the Super Over without a break.

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